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Finally, we can officially announce that a new prototype rally car, Ford Fiesta NRC, is currently being built in the Neiksans Rallysport workshop. Its first tests will take place in May of this year. The new #NRC or #NeiksansRallyCar is based on a Ford Fiesta chassis, with a 380 horsepower two-litre turbocharged engine producing 700 Nm of torque. 4 wheel drive, sequential gearbox, active centre diff, and long travel suspension will be combined in a single unique solution – NRC Racing Platform.
“The design and build of this car has definitely begun a new chapter in my own and my team’s history book! I really hope that, a few years from now, this will be a long and special chapter, which is why we decided to go with a personalized name – Neiksans Rally Cars!” comments team principal Maris Neiksans.
“When we began this ambitious project, there was a single goal – to create a rally car whose performance is comparable or even better than of the current R5 class cars. At the same time, keeping the maintenance costs to a significantly lower level. This is no easy task, but 20 years of experience in racing and the knowledge that has been gained in that time made it possible to accept this challenge,” says the optimistic Maris Neiksans.
“This car will really be unique, which is why we decided to call it NRC, or Neiksans Rally Car. Despite bits of the suspension being sourced from rally (WRC and R5) and rallycross cars, lots of parts have been designed by our own engineers. Most of the suspension parts for the Ford Fiesta NRC are produced here in Latvia, under my supervision. With that, we are creating a unique racing car platform, on which you can put the body and engine of any other vehicle – thereby increasing the diversity of cars on the rally stages.
Currently, the car has a nearly finished body shell, a full roll-cage, an adapted body kit, and we are in the process of finalizing the engine, as well as designing and creating the suspension. Even though there is still lots of work on the new car, we have planned an extensive test programme for May, so that our first Neiksans Rally Car is ready to compete in June!” concludes Maris Neiksans.
The new Ford Fiesta NRC will have national homologation, and meet the technical regulations in the Baltic States, Russia, and the United States. Since each Neiksans Rally Car is a unique rally car, built to meet the specifications of a particular customer, it will be possible to create it in various specifications. First customer cars will be ready for the 2019 rally season.

Car specification:
High performance 2 liter turbo engine 380Hp, 700Nm (spec with 34mm restrictor)
5 speed sequential dogbox
Active center diff
Long travel suspension 280mm
R5 / WRC wheel geometry
AP Racing lightweight brake kit
Adjustable floor mounted pedal box
ATL FIA homologated fuel tank
FIA approved roll cage
Lightweight Kevlar body kit
Full Carbon fiber interior

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